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Architectural Control Committee

The Indian Beach Board of Directors and ACC are committed to maintaining the beauty of Indian Beach as it was designed by the developers.  The DCC&Rs will be strictly adhered to as we move past 50% build out.  Variances will be reviewed for extreme hardships based on topography, landscaping and conditions of the property and not that of opinions and certain building styles. A commitment by owner/builder must be made prior to receiving an ACC Construction Application.
Propane Tanks installation must have City Permit and ACC application
Balusters (spindles) must be made of wood or Trex.
House or Structure must have minimum of 12” overhang from pilings. Variances will no longer be given for lack of overhang.
No rear facing homes allowed.
Per the ACC guidelines- “No more than three (3) duplicate floor plans/elevation within Indian Beach”.
As our community continues to build out, many house designs/elevations are now at max.  It is suggested that the owner submit a preliminary house drawing to the ACC committee, prior to committing to a specific set of plans, engineering, and ACC application, to check if the desired plan will be acceptable. 

Submit to:
Per the Restriction, Covenants and Conditions of Indian Beach, guidelines for the Architectural Control are as follows-
“No building, fence, wall, pier, dock, swimming pool, play ground 
equipment, outdoor cooking or eating facility of permanent nature or
other structure of ANY kind shall be commenced, erected, or 
maintained upon any lot in the Subdivision, nor shall any exterior addition
 or change or alteration of the exterior be made until the plans and specifications 
showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials and location of the same shall 
have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee.”
This includes changing house paint color or color of wood, pergolas, palapas or other constructed shade or landscape feature, outdoor showers, cargo lifts, etc.  ANY change to the outside of the property must have ACC approval via an application, and if construction of any kind is involved, a City permit will also be required or be subject to fines.